Between Christmas and the New Year

So here we are all between Christmas and New Year. I know when I was overweight eating used to be the main feature but I am glad to say it isn’t now. I followed my own advice and didn’t overstock the fridge or cupboards so there is nothing really to take me off track in this tricky period. I did however put 2lbs on over Christmas but hey-ho we are all human!

I have been back in the gym when they opened on the 27th and will be there every day up to New Years Eve. One shifting the weight, but secondly enjoying the opportunity to use the apparatus without queueing as I know in the New Year it will be packed to the rafters during January.

I also plan to give up Alcohol for the whole of January. I do this every year just to give my liver a real rest, but what are you going to do for  the New Year.

If you want to resolve to lose weight let me help you at Weight Away where you can continue to eat ordinary food but get extraordinary results

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Weight Away


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