How to keep healthy this winter

Adding the option of healthy juice drinks or smoothies in the morning to start your day with a real kick of nutrients is more important during these winter months.

I found a couple of ideas from Cook, Eat, Smile by Bill Collinson and Sheridan McCoid so am sharing them with you today.  I also find that blending a healthy mixture of fruit with some natural yoghurt makes a nice thick satisfying smoothie for the cold winter days and helps to ensure I get my 5 day.

Bill’s Winter Juice Boosts are Beetroot and Orange- where you get a medium beetroot, chop it into small chunks run it through a juicer adding the juice of 3 squeezed oranges.

Or an Apple, Lemon and Parsley one, where you just put the juice of 3 Apples with the juice of 1/2 a lemon add parsley and blend.

Remember anything you can do to counter the potential party excesses during December will help.


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