Between Christmas and the New Year

So here we are all between Christmas and New Year. I know when I was overweight eating used to be the main feature but I am glad to say it isn’t now. I followed my own advice and didn’t overstock the fridge or cupboards so there is nothing really to take me off track in this tricky period. I did however put 2lbs on over Christmas but hey-ho we are all human!

I have been back in the gym when they opened on the 27th and will be there every day up to New Years Eve. One shifting the weight, but secondly enjoying the opportunity to use the apparatus without queueing as I know in the New Year it will be packed to the rafters during January.

I also plan to give up Alcohol for the whole of January. I do this every year just to give my liver a real rest, but what are you going to do for  the New Year.

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Merry Christmas from Weight Away

So Christmas is finally here and as we all build up to the big day it hard not to feel a bit overwhelmed with all the shopping and preparation.

I am really looking forward to spending Christmas Day with my family and Christmas dinner will be a large part of that.

However I will be keeping a few facts in my mind that stop me from over doing it and I thought it might be helpful to share them

  • Did you know that a small party sized sausage roll can be as much as 100 calories
  • That just 4 segments of a Terry Chocolate Orange are 185 calories
  • That a small 37ml serving of Baileys Irish Cream is 129 calories

Try to have some lower calorie options available but do have fun and enjoy yourself and remember if you do overdo it put it behind you and start afresh!

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How to keep healthy this winter

Adding the option of healthy juice drinks or smoothies in the morning to start your day with a real kick of nutrients is more important during these winter months.

I found a couple of ideas from Cook, Eat, Smile by Bill Collinson and Sheridan McCoid so am sharing them with you today.  I also find that blending a healthy mixture of fruit with some natural yoghurt makes a nice thick satisfying smoothie for the cold winter days and helps to ensure I get my 5 day.

Bill’s Winter Juice Boosts are Beetroot and Orange- where you get a medium beetroot, chop it into small chunks run it through a juicer adding the juice of 3 squeezed oranges.

Or an Apple, Lemon and Parsley one, where you just put the juice of 3 Apples with the juice of 1/2 a lemon add parsley and blend.

Remember anything you can do to counter the potential party excesses during December will help.


Is it possible to enjoy yourself and keep weight off?

I have just been away for the weekend to Harrogate and had a fabulous time.

It is all the better because I know that I can have nice meals out and a little more alcohol than normal and not worry too much about my weight.

There are a number of reasons why this is possible.

Firstly I don’t overdo the portion sizes and feel so much better for that

Secondly I also exercise and must have walked at least 10 miles this weekend whilst shopping and sight seeing.

Thirdly I know I can get back to normal today and eat healthily and won’t have put on weight.

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