What do you do for exercise?

I personally find that exercise is a great way to relieve stress and also gives me time to think.

I say this because my regular exercise is at the gym where I spend 20 mins on the tread mill and 20 mins on a recumbent cycle, before doing some resistance training.

The time on the tread mill and the bike gives me the opportunity to reflect on things or plan things without the usual distractions of the phone or people wanting me for one thing or another.

I do have the luxury at my gym to watch the TV so it also gives me chance to see something I may have otherwise missed.

But of course I do reap more health benefits and I know that regular exercise is helping a back condition I have, keeping my weight stable and generally making me feel a whole lot better.

The gym isn’t for everyone but if you can find and exercise you enjoy doing regularly you will feel a whole lot better both in terms of body and mind.

Seeing how quiet my gym is this month the only thing I would say is don’t put it off till the New Year.

Start Now!

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