Out and About as we run up to Xmas

I have always found that from November onwards there seem to be so many invites to offices parties, drinks and meals with friends, and getting together with the family, all of which seem to involve eating and drinking.

This can be so challenging if you are try to lose weight and even more upsetting if you are trying to get into that special dress for a night out.

I have a few hints and tips you might find helpful and that won’t ruin your nights out.

  • If you are going by car offer to drive so you avoid alcohol and stick to slimline drinks, but also be very popular as the designated driver
  • If you know in advance that you are going to a restaurant check out the menu on the internet to look at your options.
  • Whether you do this or not, try to avoid foods that are in rich sauces and most restaurants are happy to put the sauce in a jug at the side, so you have either a small amount or none at all.
  • Choosing to have either, a starter or a dessert rather than both can help.
  • Avoid French Fries or chips and opt instead for a jacket or boiled potatoes
  • A bread basket is a great temptation when you arrive at a restaurant, so try not to starve yourself all day just eat your normal meals and you find it easier to resist.
  • Finally don’t starve yourself all day as you will be so hungry your will power will disappear


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