Are you feeling okay?

Over the past few weeks I have been feeling unwell because of a water infection  or UTI as they are officially called.  For something that I thought a quick dose of antibiotics would cure nothing could have been further from the truth.  As soon as I finished the first course thinking I was better, back came the problem only worse.  Absolutely no energy and no appetite.

The result of this has been a loss of half a stone in the space of three weeks, but not a way I would want to lose weight. I am pleased to stay as I come to the end of my second course of a different antibiotic I am hoping I am cured and can get back to my normal energetic self and eating normally.

It is so easy to overdo things when you are unwell and slow down your progress.

We all need to be kind to ourselves and trying to lose weight is no exception!

More next week when hopefully I will be back to full health.


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