What stops you losing weight?

Quite often when you set off with determination to lose weight something happens that takes you off track.

This might be something you are going to enjoy such as a night out with friends, attending a wedding or even going on holiday. You eat and drink more than you really need and then probably regret it afterwards

Or it could be something in life that’s not so great. An argument with a partner or friend, a problem a work, or something more extreme such as divorce

Or it maybe that you are facing quite a bit of stress, studying for exams, taking on a new job, facing lots of deadlines to name a few.

Whatever it is- if you turn to food and /or drink you are only human and we’ve all done it.

The main thing is NOT to carry on over eating but get back on track and think about what triggered the overeating and try to look for other solutions to support you.

Planning in advance is great for holidays and trips out

Exercise is great for stress

Treating yourself to something (not food) can also make you feel better

Personally the thing that really works for me if I am feeling stressed is to get to the gym and exercise.  Music helps as well and my favourite for the Treadmill is Basement Jaxx makes me go faster!

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