What to do on a rainy bank holiday

It can be really depressing when you have the day off for a bank holiday and you find that the weather is really miserable.

What do you do?

Well quite often it becomes very tempting to snack and eat foods to cheer yourself up and within no time you can have snacked your way through a day’s worth of calories or maybe even more if you have had alcohol as well.

So what else can you do

  • Try on some clothes that you have been hoping to get into -they may fit – in which case you should be wearing them but if they almost fit, that can keep you motivated
  • Look for new healthy recipe that takes some time to cook – try it out -if you make too many portions you can perhaps freeze some for another day when you have less time
  • Spend some time pampering yourself- its difficult to snack when you are painting your nails!
  • Do some exercise (My gym was open this morning so I went for a workout!)
  • Finally to keep yourself motivated have a look at some holiday snaps- include those you don’t like of yourself but of course also those you do like where you are looking your best.

All this should help you keep on track with your weight loss but if you have any other great ways I would love to hear them.

You can contact me by emailing sharing@weight-away.org


What stops you losing weight?

If you think you need or want to lose weight you might be finding yourself putting it off.
You can find yourself saying things like ‘I’ll start when I get back from holiday’ or ‘There’s no point as I am out with friends this weekend but I’ll start next week.’

These are just a few things I remember saying to myself and quite often I had put on several more pounds before I even started.

If you learn to eat healthily you can avoid the stop start culture of dieting and lose weight steadily that you will keep off for life.

Eating a healthy meal can be quick and tasty and you can find a favourite recipe that my clients love here!


Blog Yogurt Spiced Chicken with Rice Serves 4

Is it really that time?

Going into a well known card shop this week I was surprised to see that they had Christmas Cards for sale. August seems so early to be buying for the festive season but it got me thinking!

Many of us are keen to have a ‘little black dress’ that we can dress up or down for events and parties we are invited to over the Christmas period. So when is the time to think about this-well surprisingly probably now!

With less than 20 weeks to Christmas and 16 weeks till the start of December with a  healthy weight loss of 2lbs a week you could be 2 stone or more importantly 2 sizes smaller if you start your healthy eating now.

So if you want to get into something that you have tucked away in wardrobe that no longer fits, or want to buy yourself a new knock out number contact me to find out how and take advantage of a free health check.

How to Spice Up Your Life

When you are trying to lose weight there is no need to eat bland foods. With a well stocked store cupboard you can make your food tasty and exciting.

Here’s a quick list I find helpful

Balsamic Vinegar

Chilli dried or flakes

Chinese Five Spice

Curry powder

Fish sauce

Garlic granules

Harissa Paste


Lemon Juice


Soy Sauce

Stock Cubes

Tomato Puree

Vanilla Extract

Vinegar including wine vinegar

Worcestershire Sauce


If you have any other favourites feel free to share them here.