Guest Blog from a client

These are the words of one of my clients. If you would like to share your weight loss journey then contact me at and I will be happy to include it.

Linda says:

Losing weight is not a race – be kind to yourself

‘Lose a stone in six weeks,’ ‘Shed four pounds in a day,’’ ‘Drop inches, fast!’ scream the headlines – and we start to daydream about a new us, quicker than you can say ‘ditch the doughnuts’.

In recent months, since re-embarking on a weight-loss journey, underpinned by fantastic nutritional and exercise advice and given a mighty kick-start by Sue’s Nurture plan and Linda Hill’ s Fitness, I’ve learned to not be sucked in to the hype.

For too long I put my life on hold in too many ways as I struggled with emotional eating.

Loitering at the sidelines at many a pool or beach was my default position. In my mind, I was too fat to take part. My lovely family told me not to be so daft, to jump on in. I was missing out on so much.

Every time I would tell myself our next trip will be different. This time in a week, a month, a year, I’d be, slimmer, fitter and raring to go – just like the rest of my family – and all thanks to the latest ‘get slim quick’ solution or weekly weigh-in group.

Yet it never quite happened. At my biggest I weighed 16 and a half stone, my size-22 coat straining at the chest and my rare visits to the shops for new clothes leaving me in tears. I didn’t look in the mirror much if I could help it. If I caught my reflection in a window I turned away – that wobbly state of a woman couldn’t really be me, could it?

These days I know it takes work and I’m putting the work in. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and still have a way to go.

I began to see that my bouts of bingeing were learned behaviour. I started to understand that food is not naughty, it’s just food. A light went on.

As a child I was rewarded for good behaviour with treats of cakes, sweets and chips, lots of chips. I know this is no excuse for over eating in adult life but it goes some way to explaining my reliance on comfort eating, with food as my crutch in so many situations. I come from a family of yo-yo dieters

More recently, thanks in part to Sue’s wise words, I’ve started to understand I’m not weak, disgusting or greedy. I’ve just been doing what I know and even in the most determined and concerted of weight-loss efforts there are going to be slip-ups. Doing it in weeks or even days as some magazines will have you believe, just isn’t possible.

Go on, be kind to yourself, you can do it too.

Contact me at if you want to discuss how I can help you

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