Do you need to buy special foods

The weight loss industry makes a lot of money by encouraging us to buy branded weight loss products.  I found a really good example of this which just might make you think and also save money. I bought  a  packet of 8  Weightwatchers Ginger Crunch Cookies for a £ (from  Poundland) total weight 152 grams and a packet of 25 McVities Ginger Nuts which cost me 54 pence from Morrisons total weight 250grams. If you take a look at the labels you will probably be shocked as  I was, each Weightwatchers biscuit has 44 calories and is 0.5 grams smaller than a McVities gingernut which has 47 calories. If you compare them per 100 grams the calories are exactly the same.  The fat is lower in the McVities but the sugar higher. The only benefit I can see in buying the Weightwatchers product is that the biscuits are in packs of two helping you to stop at 2 biscuits but equally meaning you would probably eat both biscuits not just one. I know it is unlikely that anyone stops at one but if you have the will power and want to watch your pennies as well as your lbs (£s) don’t always think you have to buy products that are promoted to help you lose weight but with a high price tag!


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