Do you know how much weight you are carrying

If you know or have decided that you are overweight but can’t get motivated to anything about it you might want to try this experiment.

Whatever weight you think you need to lose whether it is 1 stone 2 stone or more, try putting the same weight into a shopping bag or suitcase and pick it up.  You will be surprised firstly how much even a stone is to pick up but equally the amount of effort it takes to do this.

I lost just over 5 Stone to get to my ideal weight and when I put the equivalent amount in bags I actually couldn’t pick it up-so how had I expected my body to cope carrying all that extra weight all the time.

I know I certainly wouldn’t want to go back to that weight and you might find this small experiment is just the motivation you need to alter your eating habits and lose weight.

You will be surprised just how much more energetic you feel when you rid yourself of excess baggage!

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