Motivate Monday Is your heart healthy?

I am signed up to the British Heart Foundation Heart Matters magazine which is published regularly and is great for information, tips about keeping healthy and recipes. The March/April copy came with a tape measure which is coloured red to show when your waist size indicates you are seriously overweight.

I know that a quick way to assess if you are overweight is to check your waist measurement in relation to your height.

So if you are 5 feet 6 inches or 66 inches tall your waist should not be more than 33 inches (50%) It works just the same in metric so if you are 168 cm tall your waist should not exceed 84 cm.

Why is this important,  well it can be an indication that you are carrying visceral fat, which is the fat that collects around your organs not a great thought!

I know from personal experience that it is good to face up to the fact that your weight might be damaging your health, but then knowing that it is in your own control to decide how  and what you eat to improve it.

If you want help please feel free to contact me

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